Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth as teacher of Hebrew Studies desires to see people connected to their Hebrew roots.

She gives insight into the original text to see what God may be saying. Her desire is to see people connect in an intimate, personal way with God

Pastors Nick

Pastors Nick as a teacher of Discovering the Bible reveals insight and depth into the Word of God

He sees when people study line upon line the Word becomes wisdom for their lives in their relationships in their work in their marriages or raising a family

Both Pastors Nick and Ruth are available to give BLESSING SEMINARS in churches, businesses, bible schools. Contact us at riveroflifehebrewstudies.com/contact or rolhebrewstudies@gmail.com

Blessing Seminar subjects:

  • Dr. Ruth
  • Go to your Destiny
  • Ish & Ishah (MAN & WOMAN)
  • Sarah part of the Covenant
  • Mission of the light
  • Pastors Nick
  • Blessing of the Believer
  • Redemption
  • Forgiveness
  • Holy Spirit (Life in the Spirit)

They have taken these messages to the world through Christian Television and have traveled to the nations. Thousands have been touched through the anointing they carry together…they truly are a picture of the Bride of Christ.

They say “We teach then we impart through the anointing with oil and prophetic impartation”

It is absolutely life changing…… Come Step Into the River of Life

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