Chag Sameach Pesach Happy Passover

This week Jews all over the world will be celebrating this Ancient Biblical Feast. Celebrated continuously for over 3300 years. This feast is known as the “Time of our Freedom” Zeman Cheiruteinu This feast goes for 7 days it has so many important truths that we can match to our lives today. Let’s start with looking at what predicated the release of the children of Israel from their 400+ years […]


Shalom Friends and Family, The Picture viewed here are the Hebrew Names of God  YUD HEI VAV HEI  Yahweh, the most sacred Hebrew Name of God and Yeshua  Jesus  Name above all names. Through out scripture a Name was considered very significant. In ancient Israeli households the naming of a child was to reflect characteristics desired in the child. A name describes a person and reflects their position or reputation. […]

Hebrew Year 5776

At the beginning of a new Year on the Hebrew Calendar I like to look at the new letter. Let me explain, the Hebrew Aleph Beit is Alpha Numeric that means there is a number matching each letter, so when we look at a Hebrew calendar the first day for example is the Aleph which is the first letter of the Aleph Beit So this year the added letter is […]

The Wedding

Recently we were able, through the media, to see The Wedding of Prince Carl of Sweden All of Europe was talking about it. Of course as expected everything was done with a high level of excellence. There was beauty everywhere…the Bride’s Wedding Gown…the Uniform of the Prince…the Flowers….the Cathedral…. but the highlight was the Recessional  the Hymn “Joyful Joyful we adore Thee” was sung with great exuberance everyone clapping and […]


This month on March 5th , we joined our Jewish friends and family around the world to celebrate Purim. In a nutshell, Purim is to celebrate the remarkable deliverance of the Jews from a Decree against them. Their enemy was Haman. God miraculously put His people, Queen Esther and Mordechai, in
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